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John Scott is a seasoned American television director and producer and is proud to be known as an "actor's director'. He has a visceral, multi-faceted understanding of complex storytelling that allows him to direct in a collaborative, calm, and personal manner, consistently delivering dynamic performances. 

John's 23 years in the industry, with 15 in the director's chair, have afforded him versatility across diverse genres, from drama and action to sci-fi and comedy. A former D.P., he can convey his strong visual style in a cinematic, well-rounded way. His precise, collaborative, and inclusive approach to his directorial work ensures it is as compelling as grounded. Recently, John helmed Netflix YOU season four as Exec. Producer/Director. He has shot multiple season premieres and finales for Suits, The Catch, Nip/Tuck, Mistresses, One of Us is Lying, and YOU. In 2018, John's  Magicians episode "Life in the Day" was among Rolling Stones's Top 10 T.V. episodes to watch.

Additionally, he has directed multiple episodes for some of television's biggest-producing showrunners, including Sera Gamble, Greg Berlanti, Shonda Rhymes, and Ryan Murphy. John is on the Board of Advisors for the paperless App Scriptation, for which he recently won an Engineering Emmy. When John isn't directing, he's working tirelessly with the DGA as a Sustainable Futures  Committee member to help educate the film and T.V. industry to practice more sustainable green initiatives in the production workplace. John lives in Los Angeles with his family.   

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